Mission Statement

The Lakewood School mission is to provide a safe and positive learning environment, exceptional facilities, and a diverse standards-based data-driven curriculum taught by a highly qualified collaborative teaching staff, with an emphasis on students reaching their highest learning potential.

Lakewood School Core Beliefs

Our core beliefs are at the very center of who we are, what we believe about ourselves, what we think of others, and how we feel about life as a whole. -Aletheia Luna


  • We believe we should all work together to maintain a safe environment where every student has a sense of belonging.

  • We believe everyone should respect themselves, their peers, adults, and their surroundings.

  • We believe that every student should be provided the opportunity to be successful.

  • We believe that the Lakewood staff should set high expectations for every student.

  • We believe that the learning environment should be enjoyable for all students to fulfill their desire to learn.

  • We believe that every part of the school day should be rigorous, providing a challenge for each student.