Boy's Basketball


Our philosophy is centered around hard work and respect for ourselves and others. If you want something bad enough you will push yourself and give everything you've got until you reach it. This is the mindset that all Lakewood Eagles should have when on the basketball court and also in life. We push ourselves and each other everyday in practice so that when game day comes we are prepared for whatever may come our way. We seek players who are willing to put in that extra work on free throws or ball handling at the end of practice. Players should come in every day with the attitude and drive to get better at some part of their game. In basketball, as well as in life, we should always be willing to put in the work to improve.

A Lakewood Eagle also shows respect to both himself and his teammates. The team ALWAYS comes before the individual. Practice should be a time when we encourage each other but also a time when we challenge each other to improve. Respect looks like picking a teammate up off the floor but also looks like not being afraid to speak up or give direction to a teammate who is doing something the wrong way. This is known as accountability. We must hold each other accountable for our mistakes while also helping each other grow and improve from them.